2 amps for cabs, possible?

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  1. Ok, so i've been trying to sell my Warwick Pro Fet 3.2 head and not suceeding, so i decided maybe i will keep it for now.

    As well as the Warwick i use an Ashdown Superfly 1000, which is my main gigging amp.

    I'm wondering is there some sort of switcher box, that allows you to connect 2 or more amps to a cab set up , and then switch between them. All the connections would need to be speakon.

    Both amps have very different tonal (and power)capabilities as one is analogue and the other is digital.And i would really like to be able to have the option of switching between them during gigs.

    At teh moment im using a single PJB 4B cab, but adding another later this year.
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    With SS amps this is a fairly simple concept to implement. Three speakon sockets. a small metal box and a double pole two way switch. You'll have to make it yourself though.

  3. Wouldn't there be some kind of "popping" as the amps were switched?
  4. It would be no different than plugging/unplugging your speaker cabinet. Try it and see.
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    Lets call one pole of the switch S1 and the other S2. Each has three terminals A, B, and C with C being the common terminal (usually the center one). Speakons labeled Amp1, Amp2 and cabinet.

    Cabinet +1 >>> S1C
    Cabinet - 1 >>> S2C

    Amp1 +1 >>> S1A
    Amp1 - 1 >>> S2A

    Amp2 +1 >>> S1B
    Amp2 - 1 >>> S2B

    Done! S1 switches the hots and S2 switches the colds and keeps them isolated from each other in case one of the colds is not ground.

  6. johnsongd


    May 6, 2009
    Try the Whirlwind Selector A/B Box. $99.99 at GC. Totally silent switching between amps. Works great.
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    Jun 28, 2005
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    Make sure to chose the SS, TS, or VT depending on the amp you use. I think the SS is what you need. Only caveat to this product is that it uses 1/4 in plugs.
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    Nov 16, 2008
    I'm no techie, and correct me if I'm wrong here, but the Whirlwind appears to be instrument line level switching. I think he's trying to switch power between two different amps to one cab. I didn't think this was possible until now.
  9. Yes, the Headbone is what i would be looking for, but it uses 1/4" Jacks for all the connections, and it only has a max power rating of 200W.

    There is a rough schematic for the unit in the user manual.
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    May 6, 2009
    Misread your post, sorry.