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2 band EQ on the BOSS ODB-3 Bass overdrive pedal ?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Turlu, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. Turlu

    Turlu Supporting Member

    Sep 11, 2000
    Ottawa, Ontario CANADA
    I like the 2 Band EQ on the BOSS ODB-3 pedal, without adding overdrie from it and simply using the 2 Band EQ to add boost to the Tone.

    I am just wondering if you guys can suggest a similar pedal that would acomplish the same but even more ???? I am not a big fan of the overdrive I get from the ODB-3 but like the fact I have the 2 Band EQ. Would a SansAmp give me that ???

    Let me know.
  2. it should, any preamp or EQ pedal should be able to give an eq boost without adding distortion
  3. JanusZarate

    JanusZarate Low End Avenger Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    superbassman's right - a preamp or EQ pedal would be perfect in your case.

    In the case of something like the Sansamp Bass Driver or Para Driver, just roll back the blend all the way to get a clean signal, and tweak the Bass, Treble, and Presence (Mid frequency, can't remember what range it controls) to your liking.

    In the case of the MXR M-80, its distortion channel is footswitchable. Stick to the clean channel and use the tiny color button and / or three-band EQ for tweaking. The color button engages a preset EQ curve that can be tweaked with the onboard EQ. If you don't like the tone you get with the color button, just turn it off and play around with the dials.

    There is a nice trick you can do with the M-80, too. The distortion channel shares the EQ with the clean channel, but the color button is "always engaged". You can roll back the blend all the way and all you'll hear is a clean signal with the color button EQ engaged (plus your EQ tweaks, of course). This is useful if you don't want color on the clean channel, but would like color to be footswitchable.

    You could also just get a decent Equalizer pedal that has a level knob or level slider. That would give you more flexibility on individual frequencies, and the level knob would give you the advantage of turning your EQ into a booster.

    Some suggestions for Bass EQ pedals that have level sliders and footswitches include:

    - MXR M-108 10-band EQ: It doesn't explicitly say it's bass-specific, but if you look at the extremely wide frequency range...I imagine it'd be awesome on bass. It goes as low as 31.25 Hz. Also has two sliders for level input and level output adjustments, for total flexibility that you seldom see in pedal form. If you pumped up input level, and lowered the output level, that would allow for some interesting overdrive. Only drawback: it's 18V. They come with their own adapters included, though. Something like the Dunlop DC Brick would resolve this power supply issue and save you the trouble of another wall wart. Average price for the EQ, new: $120.00

    - Boss GEB-7: It's a 7-band EQ tailored for Bass. Shares many common frequences with the MXR 10-band. It goes as low as 50 Hz. One output level slider. Runs on 9V. Average price for the EQ, new: $70.00

    I want a 10-band, but can't afford one at the moment... I had a Boss GEB-7 and was pleased with it, although I used it primarily for EQ as opposed to clean boost.

    If you just need simple EQ and want extra features, the preamp/DI boxes I mentioned will work great. Otherwise, those EQ pedals might work better for you.

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