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2 Bass Pod XT Live patch questions/requests

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by TheXym, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. TheXym


    Oct 19, 2006
    I've been playing around with it, and been pretty pleased with some (but nowhere near all of the presets). I've started tweaking around with the editor, but haven't acheived the results I've wanted, and looking at the online library from the Line 6 Tone Locker seems to be an exercise in sifting through patches that have been posted ad infinitum.

    Anyway, I'm looking to come up with a nice synth bass sound kind of like Bootsy Collins' tone on "The Name Is Bootsy"

    as well as coming as close as I can to Cliff Burtons' fuzz sound with a wah for songs like Anesthesia. Thanks in advance for any suggestions/settings you can share.

    In case it helps, I'm running it through the effects loop of my GK 1001-RBII, and the cab is a GK RBX410 (the original version). The bass is a Yamaha RBXJM2
  2. Hi there my Friend,
    I have a very similar setup to yours and have a RBXJM2 as well(Love John Myung and Dream Theater). I think the key to the Bass Pod Live when using the amp modeling would be to bypass the GK preamp. So you would disconnect from the effects loop and just go into the GK effects return with the modeled out.That's the only pain with the GK because the "Boost" control still effects the volume and tone. For most amps I've used, this bypasses all of the amps controls except the volume.I think for the Cliff Burton tone I would use either the Ampeg SVT or Hiwatt 200 or maybe one of the Marshall sims with the cab sim turned off. For the fuzz, the Big Muff or the Bassmaster. With a distortion pedal in the stomp section you will still be able to use the wah. Don't forget you can always add direct sound to your patch if you are losing low end. That will be the key I think to create your synth patch. For that I don't know if I would bypass the GK pre. With an amp sim and the synth it might get too muddy. Again you can always add more DI in if you need it. If you really wanted to do the Bootsy thang I would go the SVT or Acoustic 360 sim route and then maybe the "synth analog" sim. Sorry if this didn't help you much.
    Take Care
  3. TheXym


    Oct 19, 2006
    That's a bummer if I have to bypass the GK preamp, as I do like what it does, but I'll try it.

    What I've done for the Cliff tone so far has been the Ampeg SVT model w/the 810 cab model, but I'll kill the cab model. The fuzz was the big muff pi Hopefully rerouting will help, as well as killing the cab model. The wah isn't giving me enough of a sweep as is, so I'll have to try to tweak a bit.

    For the synth, I haven't had any success with it yet (hence the help request). Thanks for the reply Brent (and yes, I'm a huge DT fan as well, but the 3 piece rock/jam band I'm in doesn't do any DT (no keys, plus the drummer has a pretty compact setup).
  4. Hey Xym,
    You know you could just try the Muff sim without any amp sims. That would preserve the GK tone. You would just be using the Pod as an effects processor. With that much fuzz on it may not matter what amp your using.

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