2 basses for sale Fender and Music Man

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  1. The Fender is a MIM '99 in what I believe they call arctic white (slightly off white body with a white pickguard). It's 4 string and currently strung with flats. Really good condition, no buckle rash, no scratches.

    The other bass is an OLP Music Man Stingray copy. This particular one is black with a white pickguard. I've heard some people on the boards here mention that they're not to enamoured of this bass but I have to say that it plays really really nicely. Action is low, sound is growly just like you'd want a stingray to sound (although this is not active). And the neck is very smooth (plays fast).

    The Fender I'd like to sell for US$225 and the OLP Stingray I'd like to get US$200 for.

    Any takers?
    You can email me at [email protected] for questions or pictures.
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    What is the fender? P? J?
  5. Sorry about not mentioning in the first post, the Fender is a Jazz.

    I don't know quite how to post pictures here so I'll send them via email.