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2 Fretless custom Stambaugh basses for sale!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by andreasov, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. I'm selling my 2 custom Stambaugh fretless basses, one a 5-string and the other, a 4-string.

    Bought them new during 2005 through Luthiersaccessgroup and Stambaugh Designs and they are as close to mint as it gets,
    except for a bit of stringwear on the fingerboards. These basses have been practically closet basses for the past few years, because I was living abroad and had not brought them with me.

    Stambaugh basses are renowned for their pure and clear natural sound and these basses definitely match that profile - especially the 4-string, as it's entirely passive and equipped with piezos.
    They are both extremely easy to play. I'm now selling them because I'm going to upgrade into the 6-string business. A hardhell case is also included for each, sadly, not the world's greatest,
    as Chris (Stambaugh) asked if I was willing to try a new case manufacturer and I agreed. None of us however, were particularily pleased with the result and that company (Moosetrap??) now seems out of business.
    The hardcases are however good enough for storage or shipping.

    If anyone is interested in either or both of these basses, I suggest using paypal, but other alternatives might of course also be possible. I'm sure they could sell for a higher price,
    but I would like to sell them as soon as possible, to enable me to put the money on new bassguitars.
    I'm open for worldwide shipping, but the shipping can get a little expensive, which is also a factor for the low price.
    If they won't sell through using talkbass or other similar services such as Swedish "pratabas", I will send them to Dan Lenard / Luthiersaccessgroup in the USA, some time in August.
    The basses are currently with me, in Luleå, in the north of Sweden.


    View attachment AE_5string2.jpg
    Stambaugh 5-string fretless

    5pc neckthrough of maple and bubinga, matching headcap with the body (bubinga), fretless fingerboard of ebony, with subtle fretlines.

    Body of mahogany with a "bubinga blister" top, propbably some variety of bubinga pomele, but with an extreme pattern.

    ABM bridge, Hipshot tuners, Aero pickup with matching cover as the top.

    9V Bartolini electronics; bass, mid, treble, singlecoil/humbucker switch, passive switch + tone control.

    new strings, new battery, recently been for a "re-cond" at local music store "Luleå Musik" in my hometown, Luleå.

    incl. hardshell case

    Price: 1600 € + shipping

    Stambaugh 4-string semi-hollow fretless

    5pc neckthrough of maple and bubinga, matching headcap with the body (bubinga), fretless fingerboard of ebony, with subtle fretlines.

    semi-hollow body of flamed Spanish cedar, with a top of buginga "sapwood" with a beautiful blond streak.

    ABM bridge with piezos, Hipshot tuners, Aero pickup with matching cover as the top.

    Passive "buffer-preamp", which means that the bass has no electronics except volume and tone, piezo control.

    Relatively unused since a coulple of years, except that it's been on display in a music store. Extremely easy to play and a very nice acoustic, pure sound, kind of like a double bass or an acoustic bass.

    This bass was also in for a "re-cond" at 'Luleå Musik' (local music store) about 1 year ago as well changing the strings, before I put on up for display in a music store.

    incl. hardshell case

    Price: 1400 € + shippingv

    *This ad is also posted in the US bass-ad forum, but it should be in compliance with the forum rules, as I'm selling them from Sweden both on the European / International market, as well as for the US*
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  5. Update:

    As mentioned in the same ad for the US market, I'm open to reasonable offers on either bass or both of them together. All PM's and emails replied.
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  7. I need to sell these basses as soon as possible, so I'm open to reasonable offers! Otherwise, they will be sent to LAG in the US some time in August.
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  10. Jeffrey Wash

    Jeffrey Wash Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2011
    Santa Cruz
    Do you have any other pics of the 5 string? Full body, headstock?

    How much does it weigh?

    Also, I don't see any set screws, so how is pickup height adjusted?

    Beautiful bass.
  11. Thank you - well I can send pictures by e-mail, if you give me a PM.
    Weight: I would estimate between 4-5kg it's not very heavy, but not extremely light either.
    Pickups: well I don't know if it is possible to alter the pickup height at all, however there are screws on the backside, so that could be how it is actually adjusted - I don't know really, because I never had a need to and as far as I can tell, they are already at an optimum height.
  12. Bump! They are now also available at basschat.co.uk

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