2 in a row(gigs)from bad to good

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    Long time no posts:)

    Anyhow had two back to back weekend gigs this past weekend that well looked bad but went really good to my surprise.

    GiG 1# I recently rejoined my old rock cover and original band after they struggled to find a decent replacement after i left to go play country music. We had a gig at at a long time local bar in a rough area of town. The club pays by the door but we got a $150.00 plus door up front so why not. Trouble is it was warm on Friday and there are 2 big outdoor stages in our city that host tribute bands and get huge crowds. A big strike to the door.
    We had an opener so two sets were all we needed. The crowd was small but mighty, singing along dancing a few drunks playing pool cues like guitars cheering loudly...great fun. My lovely wife on our 5th wedding anniversery flashed her [email protected] to the band and small crowd...nice:smug:She was a bit drunk. We all got $37.00 bucks cold beer a welcome back and free pizza. For what i thought was a dump gig was a blast plus we played great which was nice since this band was struggling at the last gig.

    Gig 2# Sat nights gig in my country band was held outside in a resort campground. The band had played it for the last 5 years to good crowds. We had a hot humid day with a chance of thunderstorms all day but none had showed up till a half hour before we were to play the first chord. Thank God the host didnt put us on a portible stage like in the past we were all under a huge nicely lit pavillion. All hell broke loose high winds, heavy rain and the temp dropped 15 degrees making it a big wet mess. Our bandleader was just going to pack it in when we noticed clearing a bit in the distance.We waited awhile and it slowed down. Cold and damp we went to playing to maybe now 15 people. The bandleader said "If we play they will come" :rolleyes:...and they did! From the camps in blankets ,hoodies etc. They all huddled under the building and got close and comfy in a circle around us while we played and they enjoyed it. The crowd danced and cheered for every song. I got good pay and was as surprised as the band we pulled it off.

    In all I left the weekend very satisfied. What a great time, Both gigs were doomed but turned out to be two i will remember for a long time. Anyone else been there lately...gotta tell ya it felt great !
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    You know the rule - no pix, no flash ;)
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    LOL i hear ya...she was doing it for me and i told her to share :D she would of never done it for a pic...well maybe she would of JD gets her goin!