For Sale 2) JBL K-120 8-Ohm Guitar Speakers

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    I know a lot of us play guitar as well so here I have something for you.
    The ''K'' series was an upgrade in power and handling as compared to the legendary ''D'' series.

    I had these in a 64 Bassman and it was issues no problems, just great tone.

    • 8 Ohm
    • 100 Watts

    • Frequency Range 50 – 6000Hz

    • 12lb. Alnico V Magnet

    • 4'' Edgewound Aluminum Ribbon Voice Coil

    • Sensitivity 1Watt Input 102db SPL @ 3 Feet

    • Cast Aluminum Frame

    • Shipping Weight 15.5lbs. each (I will confirm this prior to payment)


    • Pay with Paypal

    • Shipping to Continental U.S. only

    • Please supply Zip code for shipping costs

    • Buyer pays all shipping and insurance costs

    • All sales final. Sold as is with no warranty

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  2. Element Zero

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    Dec 14, 2016
    Please forgive my ignorance but, 900 bucks for old paper speakers?
  3. Element Zero,
    Well, O.K……I’m here if you are interested and would like to make an offer that you feel would be acceptable by both of us.
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