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  1. Flat Bass

    Flat Bass

    Dec 8, 2002
    1975 Fender Jazz all original with OHSC.
    -Black pickguard
    -Rosewood neck
    -MOP blocks and binding
    -Both ashtrays and thumbrest
    About a 8/10 due to minor scuffs.
    I have pics of this one now but am going to have to learn how to get it to the email to send out.
    $1900.00 OBO

    Oct. 2003 R bass 5 Single Cut Elite
    -Spalted Maple Top and headstock
    -Mahogany Back
    -5 piece neck through
    -Ebony or real dark Rosewood board?
    -pickup covers and knobs for pre match the fretboard!
    -Bartolini dual coils and Bartolini preamp
    -35" scale
    I will have pics of this one tommorow I hope.
    $2250.00 OBO

    Please email me if interested and need any more info OK.

    Trades maybe be considered for Alembic Series I small body short scale basses, 5 or 6 string with Jazz single coils.