SOLD 2 sets D'Addario Black Tapewound (4-string)

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  1. KentClarkOnBass

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    Two 4-string sets of D'Addario Nylon Tapewound black strings, EADG in "long scale" length (I did trim the ends several inches). One set used on a fretless, the other on a fretted. Not a lot of wear, especially on the fretless set. These strings feel great, only replacing because I went to colored strings for visual purposes. :) Your chance to try out tapewounds for a lot less than retail.
    The pic shows a 5-string set, but this is two 4-string sets. I destroyed the B string due to not being very smart. $24 USD shipped within USA, small amount extra overseas. Very likely COVID-19 free.
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  2. KentClarkOnBass

    KentClarkOnBass Supporting Member

    Responding to a question... this is both sets together for $24 total, not $24 each.
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    do you know the gauges?
  5. KentClarkOnBass

    KentClarkOnBass Supporting Member

    It should be what's on the D'Addario package, which is 50/65/85/105. Pretty close to what I'd call "standard" sizes, though the B string (at 135 before I wrecked it) felt thicker than other B strings I've got.

    However, this item's been sold and mailed off already. :oops: Thanks for your interest. :)
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