SOLD 2 Sets - D'Addario XL Pro Steels 5-St. Long Scale - NEW ($10)

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  1. jondiener

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    Feeling charitable today (and trying to clean out unused stuff), so I'm offering up 2 unopened sets of D'Addario XL Pro Steel 5-string long scale bass strings (EPS170-5) for $10 (basically, to cover shipping). That's right. 2 sets of new, unopened strings for $10 shipped CONUS.

    My son used to be a production manager for a touring country act and had leftovers that he ended up giving to me. But my gigs and playing style tend to require more mellow strings - nickel rounds or flats.

    The one package looks somewhat opened, but it's actually still sealed at one end of the 'zipper' opening. The box has just been roughed up a little.

    $10 USD, shipped CONUS. Price is firm - Paypal is fine.

    And if you're able to do the same - pass something along someday at a reduced price - that would be much appreciated. This is my little way of giving back to the TB community for the knowledge and advice I've gained here over the last 17 years.

    strings1.jpg strings2.jpg
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  3. jondiener

    jondiener Just trying to serve the song. Gold Supporting Member

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    Nice gest!
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