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2 snaps

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Wadge, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. So we were engaged by Lowembrau, a German beer company, to play at a beer festival with the rock band I'm playing with. I could not make the sound check so it was basically plug and play, but suprisingly the sound was really good and the crowd was rocking.

    Anway, the lead singer/guitarist does this thing at the end of the last song of the set where he climbs on an amp or box or whatever and jumps off it. When he lands we do the 'big rock ending' routine with plenty of cymbal washes and the whole malarky.

    Only this time he asks me to join him......and jump from the stage to the ground. I'm thinking .....its a bit high man....and I say 'nope'. He insists....and I say .....***....its rock n' roll :bassist: . So we go to the edge of the stage and we jump. Please note I am strapped to a very heavy Tobias - TobyPro 6 string.

    As I land I am holding on to the low B and on landing to the ground the bass is jerked down with me holding on to the B string. Sure enough....the B string snaps.

    Simultaneously, I feel something snap further below.....my ankle. Well not snap but I feel a great pain in the ankle of my left foot.

    The pain is stunning and I am in the middle of the front of stage area, with six hundred people watching me. The people in the front and my girlfriend realised I was hurt but I stayed standing and kept trying to look cool......silly I know but I had been playing rock star for a good two hours on stage :smug: and wanted to keep it up.

    Anyway, I hobbled off with a shuffle. I'm still nursing the ankle.