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2-space rack bags

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Snarf, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Snarf


    Jan 23, 2005
    New York, NY
    I'm thinking about a 2-space rack bag for my SWR Bass 350. Will this be okay? No everheating issues? I think the exhaust is on the side.
  2. murphy


    May 5, 2004
    Toronto, Canada
    I personally wouldn't want the vent covered up.
    Is it possible to get a short depth bag, as your amp is small.
    Marcus Miller was using that amp as a pre and a sm500 for power in a 4space case.
    I found the swr stuff way underpowered...so might get very hot in there.
  3. I've been using my 350 in a 2 space rack case (SKB style) for a few months with no issues.