SOLD 2 Spitfire Tort P-Bass pickguards

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    For sale only: 2 Spitfire pickguards... both are for Fender Precision basses. They are cut to the '62 AVRI standard, and also fit US and Mex models I'm told. Check that the guard will fit your bass BEFORE buying.

    Info available on the Spitfire website.

    The first guard is a non-relic "Vintage Dark", "Speckled 60s" guard. It was on a bass for a very short period, and shows a few light pick marks around the strings... looks new.

    The second guard is a medium relic, mixture of "Vintage Burgundy" and "Vintage Faded Orange", "Speckled 60s" guard. Really nice color to this one... looks real vintage. One of the pickup cover holes was drilled in the wrong spot. It's been filled, and isn't that noticeable unless you're looking for it. It's also hidden if using the pickup cover.
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