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2 way mini selector switch?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by BarkerBass, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. it is possible to use a 2 way mini switch as a "path selector" for pickups... sort of like having a switch to by pass controls but instead it'd be a choice between sending either 1 or the other input to an output.

    like a pickup selector, one or the other could be sent to an output.

    how would one wire an on/on dpdt switch in this way?
  2. I'd say: hot from pickup 1 to normally open on one pole, hot of pickup 2 to normally closed on the other pole, jump the commons and go out to volume control or whatever else.
  3. Very easy.

    Use a DPDT -or- SPDT On/On switch.
    Pickup 1 goes to one side, pickup 2 goes to the other side, common terminal is the output.
  4. Thanks guys, here's a related questions. is it possible to "split" one a pickup's output to go to two separate ways? like one into a preamp and one into a tone pot, simultaneously... like running it as 2 pickups when in fact it's only 1?
  5. What are you trying to do exactly?

    Short of actively isolating the signals, it is not possible to use a tone control on a pickup and retain an unaffected version as well.
    The tone control runs parallel to the pickup, so applying it to the circuit means that you cannot isolate the pickups output from it.
  6. I'm trying to work on a switch system which allows me to use one switch as a selector for pickups and another which will act as a "path selector" this way i can use the pickup selector for individual coil choice and the other switch to pick either the selector's chosen pickup or a default option which would be both pickups on full. (don't ask why the selector switch can't do both pickups on at one, it's complicated)

    is this possible... I doubt it after what you've just said, Thnx line 6 you're a great help
  7. Ok, so you are trying to do an A or B switch, which then goes to an (A or B) or A+B switch?

    You said not to ask, but I'm very curious, why can't you do an On/On/On switch for A/A+B/B?
  8. haha I shall reward your curiosity.

    I currently have a bass with 3 pickups J/MM/J and they are wired up to a master selector switch to achieve coils A/A+B/B on both set of pickups, however the MM pup needs and on/off/on switch and the Jazz p'ups need an on/on/on switch for this to be achievable and so these functions can't be completed by the same switch. Since I was using the seperate sides of a switch for this the jazz and MM outputs could be kept seperate and then run into a blend pot for blending or soloing. this way I get the most possible cominations. However since this isn't possible I've been trying to work my way around having to install a selector switch for the Jazz p'ups and one for the MM as it's already quite a crowded cavity but I'm coming to the conclusion that no amount of fiddling and testing works so I'll just bite the bullet and have 2 switches one for each set of p'ups i think.

    If it were an all passive bass this wouldn't be an issue but the blend pot is part of an east deluxe 5 preamp and so it's getting very snug in that cavity... another switch may have to be squeezed in though :meh:
  9. Yeah, you explained this in another thread, but I still don't understand what you are trying to do.

    I don't see why you cant just do a DPDT On/Off/On switch for the MM coil for NC/Series/SC, and then a separate DPDT On/On/On switch for the two J pickups for Neck/Parallel/Bridge, then have the two switches go into the blend pot.

    This would be the most straightforward switching approach, and give you the most options.

    What you were saying about putting both pickups on the same switch or whatever seems like it would severely limit your switching options.
  10. I am intending to use 1 switch per pickup set now that I've given up on any other solution. I just wanted it to work with 1 switch for ease of wiring tbh and with 1 switch it allows you to isolate any coil, combine the bridge and neck and all coils, not really limited just less faff but of well. cheers for the help.

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