2 X 15s

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  1. When I was at GC in December, I was there to buy my Eden D215XLT. There was some other stuff there- a used Hughes & Kettner 2-15 bass cab. It was about the size of a 4-12, deep, had blue carpet, and a tweeter. The store was packed and it was hard enough buying the Eden, so I didn't even try anything else. I wonder if these are any good. It looked lke it was built like a brick $#!+ house.
  2. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    Why are you wondering? Are you unhappy with the Eden?

    - Mike
  3. No, I'm still happy- How about you? I had to move the Eden cab to the back wall to make it sound solid, though. I had it closer to me and wasn't getting the feel I wanted.