For Sale 2 x Ampeg SVT-112AV 1x12 Bass cabinet

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  1. sko1270

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    Nov 13, 2007
    New York
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    Up for sale are my Ampeg SVT-112AV 1x12 Bass cabinets. They are in great shape and sound awesome . 8 ohms
    $250 each. I really do not want to ship.

    7BDA6C01-EE2D-4E2C-849A-5D6A08C1A15E.jpeg FDDEE672-6E9B-45E8-97E5-983C4EB93115.jpeg 3EA95154-A916-4179-A880-FF4792481225.jpeg C2CD7BA0-33F8-4C7D-AA49-B321A49B7E55.jpeg
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  2. PM sent.
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