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  1. at 12 oclock tonight.. i will be 20 years old...

    not much of a big deal, no real big change, but the number 20 has this sort of dignity. its the first number that doesnt have the word "teen" in it.. does that mean im not a kid anymore? :bawl: hmm i guess the day is going to be cool.. a girl from college is taking me out to lunch.. i like her a lot :) maybe it will be the day where i make a move? hmm dont really know the point of this post.. just bored i guess :meh:
  2. If you PM me at 12:00 tonight, not a second later... I will say something like... "Happy Birthday!"
  3. I was a near-complete idiot, a$$ & fool at 20. Not to say I'm not anymore, but I am a bit more aware of it. And that is the first step towards.. towards, umm...
    Happy early birthday. BTW, make your move- you wanna wait til you're 21 or something? :D
  4. only cool thing about being 20 is you STILL can't get into bars so your wallet will still retain some cash. Save money my friend... word from the wise(ass).....
  5. haha, well shes 22.. :) and asian :cool: lol bars.. i dont drink :p and my wallet (metaphoricaly of coarse.. i dont carry one..) is never full.. lol well currently i have $280 in my pocket.. but jsut cuz i sold a bass :p

    i havent seen her in two weeks.. i miss her a lot :( tomorows gana rock..hehe
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    Oct 14, 2005
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    If you miss her, totally move on her. Asians are hawt.
  7. Happy Birthday.

    Use your powers for good.
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    Ha... When I began reading this I thought you were going to say that the cool thing about being 20 is the "sneakiness" factor when trying to get into bars. I certainly had more fun when I was under age. Drinking just doesn't have that same appeal now that I can do it. And I'm 33 now. Go figure.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday! Ask her out. That's the only way. It's better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all. Not sure who coined that, but it rings true.
  9. AuG


    May 22, 2005
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    Oh yeah, being 20 is sooooooo much fun. :eyebrow:

    Trust me, you'll get used to it real quick, oh and by the way there is no dignity about being 20. :meh:


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    Have a Happy Birthday ! :)
  11. And I'm 16 today wooo
    Have a happy birthday!

    I'll go eat caek now...
  12. damn this weekend sucks.. lol

    first, on saterday i was supposed to pick up my new thunderbird from this dude from port chester NY but he had a snag and couldnt come deliver, and its probably gana be another week till i can get my hands on it..

    and today i was supposed to meet up with Heather and have lunch and hang out.. but she didnt come to school, we have college classes together on sundays and we were supposed to meet up there, and a bigger kick in the nads is that classes ended 2 hours early today.. wich means thats anotehr 2 hours heather and i could have been hanging out if she had came to class.. ::sigh::

    not even on my birthday can things go right :scowl:

    i better get some good presents lol

    ugh.. what sucks about next sunday is we dont have class so i probably wont get so see heather then either.. maybe i can sceduale something for thursday, she finishes class half an hour to an hour before me then.. but i dont want to make her wait.. its cold and campus sucks..

    and to top it off.. i put on my leather boots today thinking "ok, i wont wear my swade steel toe boots today because they will get runined and the metal will freeze my toes.. turns out that the base of my leather boots poped so the snow traveled up to my feet and soaked my socks.. damn..


    damn, i didnt realise i wrote so much. lol sorry
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    Yeah, and smart, too.
  14. Happy Birthday dude!! I'll be turning 20 myself in just over 2 months, but I don't really care about that. I'm more excited about the birthday AFTER this one:)
  15. AuG


    May 22, 2005
    Fort Collins, CO

    Jeez I posted that this morning?

    Sorry man I'm a tad cranky in the AM. :D

    Have a good B-Day!
  16. cheezewiz

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    Mar 27, 2002
    Hey Hawking, how about calling her?
  17. i dont like calling people when im in a bad mood, i get all aggressive, she actually called me a few hours ago.. she explained to me and it was understandable and we rescedualed for later in the week :)

    family came over and it was cool, got a bit of cash, nothing major..

    thanks guys :)

    and Aug, dont worry about it :)
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    I'm bored too, this reply has no point either. hehe. But that's cool. Make your move.