SOLD 2000 MIK Epiphone Les Paul Bass 5

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    This has been part of my combo listing, but now I'm listing it separately and removing it from the combo ad. Also now listed on REVERB.

    750.00 Shipped CONUS

    HUGELY underrated Epiphone Les Paul Bass 5 string

    Made in 2000, these Korean-made Epi's seem to just fly under the radar, and there aren't many of these 5-strings around. If you like Gibson bass tones, you'll love this bass! This was a powerful bass to begin with, but on a whim, I asked Eric Chaz at Eric's Guitars here in L.A. ( at Sound City Studios ) to replace the stock Dual Rail pick-ups with Bartolini soapbars that would drop right permanent mods. Now the bass is a REFINED monster. The original pick-ups are included and in the case. The "B" string is huge and clear, and the over-all output of the pick-ups is greater than the stock pick-ups.
    The controls are Volume, Volume, Tone, and a five-way rotary that changes the coil-settings of the pick-ups. Lot's of tonal variation, but it's forte' is definitely a big, round presence. The construction is mahogany with a rosewood fretboard, and it's a set-neck. The finish is beautiful, but there are a couple of small marks and scratches. It's 20 years old. It's not a light-weight, but not too heavy. Action is set super low the way I like it, but no buzz. Strings are brand new. We also changed the original pots to CTS.
    Comes with an original Epiphone hard-shell case that's in good condition.

    Sale is preferred, but open to trade ideas....Basses, guitars, synths, Neve D.I, quality multiFX pedal.
    Prefer not to add money, so try to keep the trades even in value. I am looking for a Peavey T-40, or a lawsuit Japanese Les Paul Bass 4.
    I can add money for a Les Paul Triumph or Recording Bass, or an Xotic bass, or ??????THX for lookin. PB260330.JPG PB260331.JPG PB260332.JPG PB260333.JPG PB260334.JPG PB260335.JPG PB260336.JPG PB260337.JPG PB260338.JPG PB260339.JPG PB260340.JPG PB260341.JPG PB260342.JPG PB260343.JPG PB260344.JPG PB260345.JPG PB260346.JPG PB260347.JPG PB260348.JPG PB260349.JPG

    THX for lookin.
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