2000 PRS Electric Bass for sale!

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  1. The bass is an exceedingly rare PRS Electric Bass---this can go anywhere from Jaco type quack (with the preamp on), or a warm motown sound, which is what I did by just taking the battery out of the preamp and using the preamp on/off switch as a mute. I bought this bass new for $1600 in 2001---I believe the MSRP is $2000. This bass is in good condition as well, but I just don't play it anymore, so I'm using it to help finance my next guitar and amp purchases. $865 or best offer

    Will consider any and all trades, though I really need things in the way of amps...


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    Man I really wish I could try one of those out... Honestly though, I don't know what Paul is thinking when he designs these things. This is no knock to you at all, so please don't take it that way, but damn I see some of his guitars (my guitarist has two Custom 22's, 10 Top, Birds, etc..), and then see the basses, and just wonder what happens over there in the R&D department. I'd love to check one out though!