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2000rb Question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jelwood, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. So I have posted this over in the Gallien forums but would like the advice from the Talkbass community as well.

    I'm having a slight issue with my 2000rb. At first I thought it was just with the left amp, but it seems to happen with the right side as well although not as often. What happens is I will get no sound out of my amp at all unless I turn the master volume up and give the strings a good slap. Then the sound will come in but every now and then will cut out for about five minutes, until the amp seems to have "warmed up." I am skeptical of a dirty effects return jack by using a patch cable and still getting the same issue, although sometimes this does seem to correct the issue. This is a very strange problem indeed. One time I tried tapping the chassis of the amp and the sound would come back whenever I tapped it. But then again there have been times where that has not worked at all. Sometimes all I need to do is work a cable in and out of the effects return to get her going, but other times that gets me no where! Totally perplexed. Could it be a solder joint? Bad master volume pots? A bad cap? There are not many techs in my area and so any suggestions are welcome. Also I probably wouldn't resort to taking it to a tech at this time as it isn't a big issue as long as I get the amp warmed up before the show. Thanks!
  2. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    It could be the effects loop jacks dirty or mechanically not making contact until the amp warms up.

    I had that type of problem with a GK 400RB. Try bypassing the effects by plugging a good 1/4" shielded instrument cable into the loop. If that cures it there's your problem. Beyond that there's the other thoughts you had and you can check them out also.

    Apparently the 2000 had a few design flaws which were corrected in the 2001. I owned the 2000 for 4 or 5 years though and never had a problem with it despite gigging 2-3 nights a week. Not all were problematic.

    Edit to add--sorry. Not fully awake yet. I see you've checked the effects loop. It might be time to take it to a tech. GK service is excellent. Contact them. It won't get better or stay the same.
  3. Yeah, the confusing part is, I HAVE tried a patch cable, and SOMETIMES it completely cures the problem. Just tonight I fired it up, was going straight in to the effects return. No sound. Took the cable out, put it back in...sound!
    The one thing that makes it go away 100% of the time is if I turn the volume up and slap the strings. Give it a good "kick start," you know? Very perplexing.

    Edit: yes, the 2000rb had some heating issues and an issue with a switch, but there were no inherent design flaws. There couldn't have been as mine is at least ten years old and has never needed any attention until now. Never overheated on me either!
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