TRADED 2001 EBMM Sterling 4H w/ Piezo + MM HSC

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    Apr 14, 2017
    $1,100 shipped CONUS

    Thank you for reading. I don’t have the specs for this bass, I assume it’s an Ash body and Maple neck. The color is vintage sunburst per EBMM. There are a few small dents on/near the headstock (see pictures). Has a 3-way switch (series, single coil, and parallel) for the MM pickup. The preamp is an active 3-band. There’s also a blend knob for the MM and piezo. The MM HSC is in good shape other than some scratches. Weight is 10 lbs per my luggage scale.

    The EBMM Sterling is known for its aggressive tone. The piezo is a nice option as it can mellow/smooth out this aggression. The neck is jazz bass thin and the body is a tad smaller than the Stingray, it is a very comfortable bass to play (unless the weight is an issue for you). If you search YT, someone made a good video of one of these.

    I prefer a sale but am open to trades too. Trade-wise, I generally prefer to add some cash and trade up in value, but I’d consider any offer. If you’re local to Central California (Fresno area), let me know and we can work out a deal for a local cash sale.

    Please send offers in a PM. Thanks again for reading.

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