SOLD 2001 Fender American Precision Deluxe V - upgraded

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    For sale is a very nice 2001 Fender American Precision Deluxe V five string bass guitar. The body is made of ash and the neck is maple with a maple fingerboard. The bass weighs 9 pounds 6 ounces according to my digital postal scale. It is in excellent condition with only a couple of flaws I can find. There is a slight ding on the back of the neck right about the seventh fret that is approximately 2mm in size. Does not impair playing in any way. The other bump is on the lower bout on the underside that is about 3mm in size. It can not been seen in playing position. There are pictures showing both. The bass has been upgraded with Dunlop strap buttons and a new Fender High Mass bridge. When I got the bass, the factory bridge was such that I could not lower it enough to get the saddles low enough for a low string setup. The saddles would bottom out. So with the addition of the high mass bridge I routed the body and lowered the bridge down just the thickness of the base of the bridge which allows for a very low setup with the saddles still having breathing room. The bridge sits flush with the body. The neck is straight and the setup is low with no buzzing and plays super easy. The truss rod turns freely in both directions as it should. The bass with the ash body and maple neck has a nice tight punchy sound and with the active preamp you can dial in a variety of tasty tones. I am selling this bass because, as much as I try, I keep finding that I am just not a five string player. It has 22 frets and a 34" scale length. Very nice B string tone for a 34" inch. Better than most I have heard. Lastly, there is a little piece of ebony that I crafted for a thumb rest above the P-Pickup that you can see in the pictures. It is secured in place with double stick tape so it could be easily removed with no remaining holes. It comes with a Fender hard shell case and will come shipped to you over night FedEx included in the price of $SOLD or best offer. PayPal accepted. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!









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    Man I love this bass.
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    Could you possibly snap a pic of the bridge from the side?

    (P.S. Nice .380 in the other pics. I've been looking for a carry gun for the wife and that looks like a strong candidate.)
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