SOLD 2001 Lake Placid Blue 62 AVRI Fender Jazz Aguilar Pickups new price, extras

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by narud, Jul 23, 2013.

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  1. NEW THREAD-old one was getting pretty long. i stopped bumping this bass because i got cold feet and decided to keep it. im still bonding way more with my 76 though so its back up with a price drop.

    Ive been holding off selling this, but it just hasnt been able to push my 76 jazz out as my main gigger. Its a rare lake placid blue 62 ri jazz and is the best bass you can get for a 60's jazz outside of vintage or boutique.

    first off is the neck. i own a slab board 62 and this ri has a slightly slimmer profile than the my real deal 62. its also arrow straight. slammed low action with even playability all over the neck. youll see in the pics. its set up with almost no relief right now and low action. to get the action this low, you always have to put fretwork into a fender and this was no different. the fretboard edges were also rolled and it feels much more broken in.

    second, the pickups are Aguilar 70's wind. this bass originally came with emgs. i purchased a new stack knob set up from fender to replace the emg guts.

    totally scientific bathroom scale method puts the bass at 9 and half pounds, same as my 62.

    it has some lacquer chips and a little neck wear as youll see in the pics but its all true wear.

    it also comes with the original mint guard (i bought the fender tort guard when i bought the pots) and the straplocks that are on it now will be replaced with standard strap buttons.

    1175 shipped. no case but gig bag included.

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    Bump for a nice bass and a very informative post.... the way it should be. (Especially ACTUAL weight.)
  4. fedenybass

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    May I ask what 'AVRI' is? I've seen it a few times and cant figure it out.
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  5. american vintage re-issue
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    looks awesome, free bump
  8. Viscus


    Oct 31, 2007
    How do the Aguilars sound compared to the Nordies? Do you have a sound clip after the swap?
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    Nov 1, 2005
  11. still available. id love to get a deal done asap so send me some offers!
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    Love that look!

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