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2002 Fender Jazz V 5-string passive MIM Agave Blue $475

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by smokindav, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. 2002 Fender Jazz V 5-string passive MIM Agave Blue $475

    For Sale – 2002 Fender Jazz V 5-string, made in Mexico, passive electronics, rare Agave Blue color, strung with flat wound strings and fresh set up (truss rod adjustment, saddle height, intonation, pickup height, etc.) – no fret buzz anywhere. Comes with original white pickguard and black pearloid pickguard as seen in the pictures. Case not included, I do have a near new hardshell Gator case if you want to pay extra for that. Buyer pays actual shipping costs or you can pick it up in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Paypal, cash or checks are fine.

    Condition – bass has stock passive electronics, Gotoh tuners (original equipment on MIM Jazz V’s according to my research), body has a few nicks, dings and scratches on the body and looks very nice – NOT road worn. The neck is in good condition, the back of the neck is perfect with no dings, dents or scratches. The front of the fret board is also in good shape with no dings or any problems. There is a little wear on the finish up by the headstock from a wallhanger but does not encroach on the area of the neck where your hand rests when playing. If you want close up pictures of anything let me know and I’d be glad to post them to this thread.

    I am selling it so I can buy a 4-string Precision which I plan to string B-E-A-D.

    Contact info: davidmflaherty @ yahoo.com
    Cell 319- 6 1 0 – 6 7 7 7, call or text

    Volume knob has been replaced (it is missing in the pictures).












  2. Sweet man, seems to be a rare color. Good luck with the sale!
  3. Not sure what the rules are for links to eBay since the For Sale section rules and guidelines link doesn't work.

    My bass is now on eBay with no reserve. High bidder gets her!

    2002 Fender Jazz V for sale

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