SOLD 2002 MIK Lakland Skyline 55-01 Deluxe, quilted tobacco burst, 5-string fretless

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    For sale is one 2002 Lakland Skyline 55-01 Deluxe, lined fretless, 35" scale 5-string bass. The finish on this is a beautiful quilted tobacco sunburst with little if any blemishes. Comes with a case, which has some damage at the corners.

    This one was the backup to my dad's main 55-94 Deluxe, but he did not bond with it as much. This one was gigged a handful of times but was usually left in its case, and like his other basses he wiped it down and kept it clean. He attempted to sell it not long before he passed with this description:

    "One of the VERY good ones. This is an '02 Korean-made Skyline Deluxe lined fretless. It's in beautiful shape and has the 35" scale, and stock Bartolini active electronics. I kept it as a backup for my main fretless, but I'm so accustomed to playing on an unlined board the lines make it difficult for me to use. I should learn to stop looking at the fretboard, but I'm too old to change my ways now. As far as build quality and playability go, it's a Lakland. Need I say more?"

    Asking $700 shipped with case. All offers considered, and thank you for considering a purchase!


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