No longer available 2002 Spector Euro4

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bste9, Oct 17, 2020.

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    Hi all, posting my 02 Spector Euro 4 for sale or trade. Blueburst color, Solid maple body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, EMG BTS preamp, excellent condition. Recent professional setup and brand new DR Fat beam strings currently on it. One small ding near the controls which I took a photo of, see below. Will include off brand hard shell case and Schaller S lock strap locks
    I'm only entertaining offers because I recently bought a brand new matte finish Spector Euro and I much prefer the matte finish on the neck.

    $1500 or as the great Cosmo Kramer said, " interesting trades considered". I am mostly interested in trading for the following:
    German made Warwick Streamer 4 or 5.
    Ernie Ball MusicMan Stingray 5
    Spector Euro LX5
    Sterling by MusicMan Ray35 + cash
    Darkglass cabinets
    I would also possibly interested in German made Warwick Corvette 5 or higher end Ibanez SR or BTB
    Feel free to shoot me any fair value offers.
    Blue Euro4 1.JPG Blue Euro4 6.jpg bass3.jpg bass2.jpg bass4.jpg bass5.jpg
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