SOLD 2002 Warwick Thumb BO4 (Shipping included)

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    Hey there!
    I am looking to sell my Warwick Thumb BO 4. I am the second owner of this bass and everything is in decent condition albeit a few cosmetic wears (near the pickups and back). There is also a very small, almost unnoticeable ding on the neck (from the previous owner). Everything is original except the nut (I had to replace it, it’s an official Warwick nut). Electronics are fine and it plays beautifully. I just have to shift priorities and unfortunately my hands just don’t fit with this bass (small hands). Shipping is included in the price.

    Will come with wax, truss rod tool, and OHSC. Any questions feel free to ask! I can take more pictures if needed, this was made in a semi rush via phone.

    ** I emphasize that I have INCLUDED shipping in the price. I want to sell the bass for $1,000 but shipping will not be cheap because of the OHSC it came with is quite massive. It’s literally a giant rectangle. I expect shipping and packing to be around $200. I am open to splitting shipping costs (whatever it winds up being) but I cannot front all of it.

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