SOLD 2004 Ken Smith BSR 4EG

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    Dec 10, 2014
    IMG_3937.jpg Up for sale is one Beautiful Smith Elite bass. 5-piece maple and walnut through-neck with 24-fret ebony board and quilt maple veneer in back. Walnut body wings with cocobolo front, back and headstock veneers. Near-mint condition curentltly set up with TI flats. Pickups are dual-coil Smiths, with series/parallel mini-toggles for each, noise-free on either setting. 3-band Smith BMT 18V preamp. Controls: master volume (push-pull active/passive), blend, and bass, mid and treble boost/cut. DIP switches in the cavity allow for four different frequency/bandwidth settings for each tone control. Gold hardware without visible tarnish. Weight is 9 lbs.7ounces. Comes with original case and case candy. 3700 CONUS IMG_3934.jpg

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