TRADED 2004 USA MM Sub Stingray w/Moses 22 Fret neck

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    Dec 31, 2010
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    $950 OBO
    North Carolina
    This is not the cheapie new model import Sub version.
    04 USA MM Sub Stingray with a professionally installed Moses Graphite neck. These were a short lived Ernie Ball venture to make an affordable Stingray by making a basic slab body Ray with no contours 9.7 lbs. It is a US build with Authentic US MM pickup, 2 band vintage pre and vintage slab body. It has a Moses Graphite 22 fret neck (Sterling profile) installed ($550) value w/new Gotoh tuners and a older HSC case. It has a couple of minor places on the back that have been touched up but in great shape overall. Sacrifice for $950. 20151210_135959.jpg 20151210_140031.jpg 20151210_140019.jpg 20151210_140042.jpg 20151210_140048.jpg
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    Interesting. Any idea of weight?