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2005-6 Geddy Lee Fender J Bass pick ups

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by fnordlyone, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Hello everybody!
    I've done extensive searching and have gotten conflicting data on what pick ups were loaded into the 2005-6 Geddy J's. I recently acquired a pair of said year taken out of a Fender Geddy sig J. I've heard that they are "originals" "vintage single coil" "'62 vintage" and "standard"
    Don't have them in hand to take pic, etc. Am told by guitarist that they are unmarked in every way. I'm curious if any TB'er has a Geddy from that time and can comment on what exactly they are (termed by Fender for specs) and overall sound impressions of the pick ups.
  2. iunno


    Dec 16, 2010
    I'm curious about this, Geddy's main bass has a short in the bridge pickup, effectively making it underwound.
  3. Don't know anything about these pick ups, yet. Any members out there with circa 2005-6 Geddy J's with any information on what Fender calls/labels them? I assume the Geddy J's are/were loaded with 250K pots. Anybody with any information, your input would be appreciated.
    Probably will look for a nice old Fender Mexi-J to load the pick ups into. Seems quite a few Geddy J owners have opted to change out the original pick ups, due to them being a bit "thin sounding." I got them for $20, so I'm not concerned investment wise, just trying to get an idea of what type J (maybe rosewood rather than maple fret board, different pots, tone cap, etc) that might make a good match for the pick ups. I like very much Geddy's classic early 80's tone and his darker new tone.

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