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For Sale 2005 New Standard La Scala

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by NGNBoone, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. NGNBoone

    NGNBoone Supporting Member

    Aug 24, 2008
    New York
    Carved-top La Scala New Standard for sale, made in Arnold Schnitzer's Brewster shop. I'm located about an hour an a half north of NYC (prefer local pickup, but shipping could be negotiated). Realist pickups installed, heavy-duty bag included.

    Has been maintained and sounds great, but have been playing electric pretty much exclusively. Looking for a good home!
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    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019
  2. Selim

    Selim Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2008
    New York City
    Nice looking bass. Fully carved, or just the top?
  3. NGNBoone

    NGNBoone Supporting Member

    Aug 24, 2008
    It's just the top that's carved.
  4. arnoldschnitzer

    arnoldschnitzer AES Fine Instruments

    Feb 16, 2002
    New Mexico. USA
    To clarify, this was not made in my shop. It was made in Germany; final assembly and set-up was done in my shop. Wil deSola did the varnish.
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  5. NGNBoone

    NGNBoone Supporting Member

    Aug 24, 2008
    Good to clarify - thank you.
  6. pjb15

    pjb15 Supporting Member

    Jul 11, 2013
    Bayonne, NJ
    Round or flatback?
  7. NGNBoone

    NGNBoone Supporting Member

    Aug 24, 2008
    Round back!

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