2006 (60th anniversary) Fender American Deluxe Jazz

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  1. 2006 (60th anniversary) Fender American Deluxe Jazz
    This is a Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass from 2006. It features an alder body with a 3 tone Sunburst finish and a maple neck with a 34" scale rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets and abalone dot inlays. The bass has a white pickguard (now little bit aged). There is a tapred neck joint with a 5 bolt plate. There are 2 SCN Jazz Bass pickups. The pickups are controlled by a master volume control a fader/selector knob and a 3 band EQ tone control with a stacked treble/middle pot and a single bass control pot. The bass has an HMV bridge with 4 adjustable bridge saddles and Fender Deluxe geared tuners. The hardware has a chrome finish. The bass is in excellent condition with some dents but not major at all. The frets are in excellent condition with no wear to the fingerboard. The truss rod is working and can adjust the neck relief to your preference. A Roadrunner hardshell case is included. This bass has a cool look and sounds great. It's great for the bass player who needs a lot of tonal options. Don't have precisious weight measure but not heavy, keke.
    The 60 anniversary badge ? that's just small metal piece but nothing,anyway...

    ASKING FOR $950 shipped to CON US.












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    Trades? I have a nice Uber Quad 1288T
  3. Not w amp nor cab. Thank you for interest.
  4. Long weekend bump.
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