2006 MIM P Bass pups vs. 2014 MIM P Bass pups?

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  1. Is Fender using the exact same pickups on the current MIM P's as the ones used back in 2006? I have an '06 MIM P and was just curious. Thanks!
  2. Probably. They MAY have changed the amount of copper wraps or something, but I'm not sure. I have a 2001 MIM P and its pickup is phenomenal. I quite like it to the point where I'm debating whether I should swap' em up for Fender Custom Shop '62.
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    the CS62s in my 2013 MIA P Sh!t all over the PUPs in my 2013 MIM P , no contest
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    Mar 22, 2006
    ... the last parts update on the MIM Standard P's (assuming that is the model you are asking about) was the switch to the 58262/3 set of pups around mid '01 ... no further updates are available, so that should translate that the '06/'14 stock pups should both be this set as well ...
  5. Thanks!