2007 Am. J-Bass Dlx Vs. 2012 Am. P-Bass Std.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by obsidianbass, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    I have the chance to (possibly) trade my 2007 American Jazz Deluxe V for a 2012 American P-Bass Standard V.

    I currently also have a Squier VM fretless jazz, and I've been thinking the tone and simplicity of a passive P might be right up my alley. (No batteries to worry about)

    What are your thoughts? If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Thanks in advance for the advice!
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  3. alembicbones


    Nov 10, 2000
    Seattle, WA
    I think it comes down to the tones you are after as a bassist. Personally I prefer the flexability of the American Jazz Deluxe 5. However, if you really want a P, usually only a P will do.

    I think this comes down to some soul searching on your part.

  4. Buskman


    Apr 13, 2007
    Jersey Shore, USA
    Well put, alembicbones...

    The Deluxe Jazz will give you a little more flexibility overall (IMHO), but there ain't nothing wrong with a P5 - mine gives me what I need song after song, gig after gig.

    Plus, I dig the simplicity of a passive bass w/ a volume & tone knob... Any changes come from right hand placement & tone knob adjustments - very cool. :cool:
  5. Thanks for the input guys. The more I think about it, the more I think I'm going to keep the jazz. I know there's no right or wrong answer here, but I kind of feel like I may be getting the short end of the stick a bit swapping a deluxe for a standard.

    Soul searching indeed. I must be just craving a different tone and looking for a way to achieve it without spending a bunch of coin right now.