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For Sale/Trade 2007 Eastman VB-95 w/pro setup, Realist Lifeline, drilled for Laborie

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by kittyboy, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. kittyboy

    kittyboy Supporting Member

    Sep 27, 2005
    Seattle, WA
    Below is the text from my Craigslist ad. The bass is currently located in Sacramento. I'll be driving to Seattle in the next week or so, and could potentially deliver along the way.


    I'm a big Eastman fan--I own electric and acoustic guitars made by them, and this lovely bass.

    This is what's called a hybrid bass--laminated back and sides, with a solid wood top. Some people think this is the best configuration for upright bass--you get the robustness of a plywood bass, with most of the tone of a solid-wood instrument. This bass is a standard 3/4 size, and was made in 2007. It has had no cracks or repairs, and is in superb structural condition. It has some scratches here and there, but presents very respectably, and could be easily touched up if you wanted it to look more pristine.

    I bought it from a family whose daughter had used it in high school. It was in great condition, but the setup was horrible.

    I had a basic setup done to get it into decent playing shape, and then had a deep setup done to get it playing great--fingerboard was planed, new soundpost, & some other minor tweaks. I also had it drilled for Laborie endpin, and added a Gage Realist Lifeline pickup, considered one of the best pickups available today. The setups were $250+, and the pickup sells for $230.

    I've owned lots of upright basses in 30 years of playing, and I think this is an excellent bass for the price. It's a suitable professional instrument for most genres--jazz, bluegrass, folk, etc. It's not a professional-level bass for classical music, but I figure it would be more than acceptable for any typical high school orchestra. It sounds very good and plays *great*.

    I'm asking $2300 for the bass, and I'll include the pickup at that price. I also have a Mooradian bass bag which I would part with for $275. It sells for $479 new.

    Unfortunately I have virtually no interest in trade items at this time--I'm minimizing my belongings. I'm happy to show the bass to serious buyers.


    The Samuel Eastman model 95 bass is built with a fully carved spruce top, and is finished with a hand-applied shaded varnish to give it a special antique appearance.

    Fully carved solid spruce top
    Sturdy laminated back and ribs
    Solid ebony fingerboard
    Solid brass tuning machines
    Special hand-applied shaded antique-style varnish
    3/4 size
    Gamba-corner pattern


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