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For Sale 2008 Fender American Standard Jazz V

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by gmarcus, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. gmarcus

    gmarcus Supporting Member

    Apr 4, 2003
    2008 Fender American Standard Jazz V set up and fret leveling by the late great Jim Moradian. It was set up with and still wears the same set of TI Jazz Flats. Plays and sounds like butter. Super smooth and pillowy sound. Definitely a players bass, I gigged the crap out of it, but took very good care of it. It has a few small dings as pictured. It also has 2 flush mount straplocks in the back as pictured so that you can use a slinger strap to put all of the weight on your hips. Reasonable weight at a Hair over 9.4 lbs weighed on a postal scale. I'd like to keep this sale local as I do not have a case for this one. PayPal or cash is good. Body. Front. Back. Headstock. Headstock Dings. Headstock back. scale. ding.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
  2. gmarcus

    gmarcus Supporting Member

    Apr 4, 2003

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