SOLD 2008 Fender CS '60 Jazz Bass - Fiesta Red

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  1. Price:
    Hey all! I'll spare you the "this pains me so much" antics (although it really does) and cut straight to the point:

    $2,400 shipped.

    Fender Custom Shop 1960 Jazz bass made in 2008; in a stunning fiesta red finish with matching headstock. This is completely unique as far as I'm aware - I've seen a couple similar to this, but they've been the '64 reissue models. It's a closet classic finish, so there is some beautiful finish checking happening (I tried to photograph it but it was difficult) and the neck has a very natural worn down feel.

    Overall this is one of the warmest and darkest sounding jazz basses I've played, which is what really drew me to it in the first place. There's rounds on it now, but I played it primarily with flats and it was a tone monster. We've had a really good run, but I've got my eyes on a couple other basses.

    It's in really awesome condition. There are photos of the only two "blemishes," which are a few dings on the bottom of the bass and some pickguard tear from turning the truss rod. It comes in the original hardshell case (G&G of course) and comes with all of the typical custom shop paraphernalia.

    Really looking for a cash deal here since I have my eyes on a few particular basses, but run anything hollowbody (Fender, Guild, Hofner, etc) by me as well as anything pre-CBS.

    More pictures are absolutely available upon request. Let me know if there are any questions!

    IMG_4345.jpg IMG_4346.jpg IMG_4347.jpg IMG_4348.jpg IMG_4351.jpg IMG_4352.jpg IMG_4358.jpg IMG_4362.jpg
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  3. You can catch this bass in action here:

    Shoot an offer. I'm feeling really generous today.
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  4. BUMP for price drop. hoping for a pre-Christmas sale.

    $2400 shipped.
  5. bump.
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    beautiful bass.....whats the radius? weight too.
  7. not sure.. can anyone speak to this? I'm sure it's what Fender was doing with their jazz basses in 1960.
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    ok, prob 7.25. weight though please. thx
  9. my bathroom scale is very sketchy apparently, but doing some comparisons with my P bass which weighs in at 8lbs6oz, I would say it's definitely in the high 8-low 9 range.
  10. sold to Chicago Music Exchange :)