SOLD 2008 Gibson Thunderbird

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    IMG_0136.JPG FEELER- got this in trade last year, but I'm just not a T-Bird guy so it's been a hangar queen. I'd be happy to trade it for something, so feel free to throw stuff my way. I have a bunch of instruments and I like to try different gear so I'm up for pretty much any suggestions.

    8.4 lbs by the bathroom scale method. Pots sound a bit scratchy when moved but not affecting tone or volume. It's got the big brilliant presence thing going on. Minor wear dings. OHSC included.

    EDIT 29 Sep 2017: cleaned pots, they were just dusty from sitting around doing nothing. They're fine now.

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  2. I like this always wanted to try one. I have a Ibanez sr885 and a cliff burton fuzz and wah and a skb 4 space rack and a peavey 215 eq and a coffin case up for trades
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  3. I have a question about the bass stand. Can you please let me know the make and model? Thanks heaps
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    It's an ULTIMATE SUPPORT GS-1000. Believe I got this from Amazon
  5. Thank you, it looks very stable
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    I really like it. Note the horns at top that fold down automatically when an instrument is placed on it. Nice long extension tube as well.
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