SOLD 2009 Fender Road Worn Jazz Bass - LIGHTWEIGHT

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    I got this bass as a package deal for an amp I wanted. After playing it I am tempted to keep it, but my girlfriend would kill me if I get another bass, and I already have a 60's jazz I love. Serial number traces it to 2009-2010

    The bass is in excellent condition and all the relicing appears to be factory with the exception of some wear on the pickguard and the wood around the trussrod adjustment (Picture below). The action is nice and low without any buzz. Electronics sound great and it has some serious growl to it. It is really a nice bass. The grain on the fretboard is gorgeous too. Usually don't see that on these.

    and here is one of the best parts.... it's 7 pounds 10 oz!!! (measured on my bathroom scale)

    Includes a nice aftermarket Roadrunner case

    $800 shipped or $750 in this Louisville, KY area.

    IMG_1850.jpg IMG_1849.jpg IMG_1853.jpg IMG_1851.jpg IMG_1852.jpg IMG_1854.jpg IMG_1855.jpg IMG_1856.jpg IMG_1857.jpg
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    Jun 24, 2015
    Glorious. This won't last long.
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    ive gotten a couple messages so far, but no one has pulled the trigger yet