200w rms,400w program. What's the biggest amp I can use?

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  1. I have a Hartke 3500 and I'm looking for a cab(s) for it. I don't understand which one (rms or program) is the actual power handling capability. Thanks, Len.
  2. You can use a cabinet that is rated at 200 Watts RMS or higher.

  3. Thanks, you're the first person to give me a solid answer to that question. I never would have guessed that picking out cabs would be so tough. I've got it narrowed down to either a Marshall 4x12, an Ampeg 2x10 with a 1x15, or a Peavey 1x18/2x10. Any advice?
  4. My last acquisition was an old Fender 4x12. So I would say screw the copycat corporate lacky squares that always go with 4x10's or 1x15, go with the Bass 4x12. Be a trendsetter! :D (If your into that sort of thing.)


    Actually, they all sound good. I don't really cotton to 10's as much as some do. Just seems too small and punchy for my old style sound. I use my 1x15 on a regular basis. Before that, it was a 1x18! I am definitely not the clinkety-chink-plink kind of player! Boom-Boom-Boom is what I do.

  5. Good advice! I'm kind of partial to the 4x12 Marshall myself. It's regular $1600 cdn and it's on sale for $850. It's been hanging aroud the shop for a couple of years so it's going cheap. I think people are afraid to try the 412's, but to me it sounded every bit as good as the Ampeg 8x10. I also can't seem to find anyone anywhere who has used Marshall bass cabs. Given their reputation for guitar amps and cabs, you'd think you would see a lot more of them around. I don't know, maybe they don't have the best reputation for bass? Len.
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    get a 412! i know peavey makes a 412 bass cab and it is supposedly cheap too.. but as for 10's i think it depends on the brand and the way u play... im a slap player. and i dont liek 10;'s that much. but most slap players use only 10's. am i different or wrong? why me? why must i like 12's? *cries* wait lol nah..