SOLD 2010 Fender Road Worn Jazz Bass (Canadian Sale Only)

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    Sorry guys, with me shipping from Canada the new CITES rules apply because of the rosewood fingerboard. I will need to limit the sale to Canada Only. The permit and shipping will be too expensive to ship to the US.

    2010 Fender "Road Worn" Jazz bass in Fiesta Red with Tort pickguard. This bass is made in Mexico but it miles apart from the Mexican Standard Jazz bass. These basses are made to mimic the classic Jazz basses from the 60's. The factory spec includes vintage wound pickups, reverse vintage tuners, vintage bridge with threaded saddles and a beautiful Fiesta Red thin Nitro finish with the Fender Factory Relic "Road Worn" Finish.

    This bass looks great and plays and sounds even better. It has the classic vintage Jazz bass growl that we all know and love. The relic finish is basically on the body only, the back of the neck is very nice with no noticeable dings that would effect playing.

    The frets are in good condition, truss rod works as it should, it has the "CNC" route hole under the pickguard and the bass weights 8lb 15oz.

    Asking $750 (CDN Dollars) plus actual shipping to Canada Only. Paypal or e-transfer is fine. No trades offers please.

    Shipping Options
    1. I can ship this with the neck removed, it will be well packed with lots of bubble wrap. You will need to be okay with re-installing the neck and strings when it arrives (a Philips screw driver is required).
    2. I can include a decent case for an extra $50. The shipping charges will be a bit more because of the extra weight and package size.








    Thanks for checking out my Ad.
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    SCREAMIN' deal!!!
  3. Sold Locally.
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