SOLD 2010 Warwick SE LX4 Redwood Burl

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    2010 Warwick SE LX4 Redwood Burl $2000

    The time has come to pass this awesome bass on. It is a beautiful, light, great playing bass and I love it, but; recently acquired a Rob Allen Mouse, and the ‘Wick just seems superfluous at this point. All of my other basses have 1.625” nut width, and I think that’s where I am most comfortable. I’m under no financial pressure to sell this, so lowball offers will be politely declined. Thanks, but not interested in trades.

    Based on the Serial Number (C XXXXXX 10), I believe this is #10 of 40 produced by the Warwick Custom Shop in 2010. Everything but the strings are original; it is now sporting a well broken in set of TI Jazz Flats that could last forever. Body is oil-finished laminated 1” thick Redwood Burl and Swamp Ash with a black accent layer between. Weight per factory tag is 7.84 pounds and the curved, NS designed body is extremely ergonomic. All black hardware including Warwick straplocks. Active Bartolini electronics; reverse P/J with two band preamp, controls are Volume, Blend, Bass, Treble- or pull the volume knob to run it passive (though there is no tone control in passive mode.)

    Three piece Ovangkol neck with dark Ebony fretboard and side dots. Frets are in very excellent condition. Nut width is 1.5”, and the neck is 0.75” deep (or just under) at the first fret. 20” fretboard radius. I would describe the neck as a shallow C shape, round but slightly flattened. Bridge spacing right now is set at 19mm, but the Warwick two piece bridge allows lateral adjustment; maybe a millimeter or more either way(?). The bass sets up very, very nicely.

    Condition is 9+. There is one small dent on the back and some light marks on the face (it’s pretty soft material and susceptible to scratching.) The neck, as far as I can tell, is in perfect condition. Warwick User Kit included with trussrod wrench, body wax, and factory documentation. Instead of the (to me underwhelming) Warwick gig bag, this comes with a really great and no longer made iGig bag which fits the bass perfectly (and does not accomodate Fender style basses.) I’ve never seen a nicer gig bag and would keep it for sure if it fit my P.

    Bass is sold with the gig bag and carefully packed; I do not mess around when it comes to packing stuff. Price w/o gig bag could be negotiated, in which case my preference would be to ship the bass disassembled. Shipping extra, at actual carrier cost. Estimated cost, insured, via Bikeflights (fEdex) from the socialist hellhole of Seattle to the East Coast is about $75

    You really don’t want to hear me demo a bass, particularly when The Bass Whisperer himself has already done the ultimate review for us:

    No pics, no bass [I would say that in person it is less reddish than shown in the pictures]:












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    I have this same bass and it’s awesome. GLWTS
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    Any interest in trades G&L or Lakland?
  5. SOLD.