SOLD 2011 Fender Custom Shop NOS '64 Jazz Bass

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    Offering this beautiful bass for sale, which I simply do not play. It needs to go to a home and a user that will enjoy it. And take care of it.

    2011 excellent condition Fender Custom Shop NOS ’64 Jazz bass in 3TSB with a tort pick guard. In contrast to a one-piece maple neck, this bass has a maple laminate cap fingerboard as Fender does with the rosewood fingerboards.

    The bass is strung with flats. Rather than having the bass set up prior to shipment, I have priced the bass to allow the buyer to have it set up to his/her preferences after shipping.

    Specs can be seen in the attached PDF of the shop floor traveler Fender provided me. It weighs in at around 8.5lbs on the bathroom scale. This is not a heavy instrument.

    Comes with its COA, bridge and pick up covers, tolex case, and other “case candy” as shown in the pictures.

    Price: $2,775 shipped via UPS in the CONUS. Reasonable offers entertained. No trades please.

    Local pick up in the Dallas / Fort Worth area available.

    Additional notes:
    • In the right light one can see slight impressions in the finish left by the bridge cover.
    • Almost none but some very slight wear marks on some of the frets.
    • Bass came to me with a slight chip in the black finish below the point where the neck joins the body. Danny at The Tone Shop in Dallas did an amazing job repairing this to the point I cannot tell any repair was ever done. And I know where to look! I think you'd be hard pressed to find evidence that any repair was made.
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