SOLD 2012 Fender Antigua Jazz Bass with Upgraded Audere Pro JZ3 Preamp and Warmoth Neck

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    Thanks for looking! This bass has been sitting idle for a year now, so that means, it's time to go.

    This is the 2012 reproduction of the 70's antigua finish. By far, the most striking color Fender came up with for their instruments :)

    The neck has been swapped out with an all maple Warmoth neck, which I upgraded with a brass nut, jumbo frets, and re-radiused to 14" (standard Fender radius is 9.5" so this will play faster).

    I am including the old neck, but there was something weird about the 2012 run, where the truss rods didn't adjust much, and the finish was applied over the frets and they had a weird protrusion on the ends. I had a customer come to my shop with the exact same bass and issue.

    Also upgraded the electronics to the Audere Pro JZ3, with has 3 concentric pots: master volume/blend, high mid/low mid, treble/bass with a little 3 way toggle that can give an extra bass boost, neutral position and treble boost. It's amazing and can get you any tone you desire.

    Does not come with a case. Please notice the chip in the finish at the neck pocket and the ding on the under side of the body.
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    Damn that's cool.
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    Nov 25, 2011
    Freakin Gorgeous
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    Came for the bass, stayed for the doggies :D

    - Steve
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    Thank you! Now if I can just convince someone to buy the thing...