SOLD 2012 MIA Fender Jazz P/J Bass Body "Limited Edition"

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    IMG_4650.JPG 2012 MIA Fender Jazz Bass "Limited Edition" body. Professionally routed for a P/J setup. The Precision pickup route is in the "traditional" sweet spot as a MIA Precision Bass. I purchased a Warmoth pickguard for this conversion and they have the P pickup cutout in the correct P bass position just for this type of conversion. The pickguard is new with the protective plastic still on and has not been used.
    The body is Swamp Ash with a Mahogany stain and Satin Nitro clear coat. I will include the original J bass pickguard, although you will see some of the new P pickup route outside the pick guard. (See pics) The new P bass pickguard is slightly oversized/ larger than the original pickguard to accommodate the P pickup placement.
    The body weighs 5 lbs 15 ounces on my scale. (See pic) Included are the bridge, original control plate/ wiring harness, both pick guards and neck plate. Just add your neck and pick ups of choice.
    You can keep it a P/J and go back to a JJ setup.


    I'm keeping the bridge and installed another bridge from a 2006 MIA Jazz Bass. Please see new pic. Price has been adjusted

    $265 shipped USA CONuS

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