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For Sale 2012 Warwick Thumb 6NT

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Zbass82, Sep 12, 2019 at 5:31 AM.

  1. Zbass82

    Zbass82 Supporting Member

    Mar 31, 2018
    Up for grabs is an excellent Warwick Thumb 6NT. I bought this bass from the original owner kind of on a whim thinking I wanted to go back to playing 6 string but have discovered since owning it I just don't need the high C anymore. With that said this thing is a pure beast! Plays, sounds and looks phenomenal. I had this listed a little bit ago but pulled it down cause it's just that nice to play. So nice that I went ahead and bought the 5 string version of the same bass which will be a little more useful for my playing needs these days. If you're looking for that signature Warwick GROWL then this bad boy is for you!

    Bass is in excellent condition with minimal fret wear ( there's a small ding on the first fret under the B string and an even smaller one on the 3rd fret, neither effect playability or sound. I had it looked at by a luthier and he told me it would be a waste of money to fix since it plays clean. See photo) the action is currently set to 1mm at the 12th fret and it plays effortlessly with no fret buzz through the amp. Has a small little blemish along the side of the fretboard on the treble side at the 20th fret. The bridge pickup that was in it had a flat finish to it and didn't match so I ended up installing a brand new bridge pickup to have them match. (It's not a perfect match, maybe 95% but much better than before) Also installed new saddles cause some of the paint was worn on the originals. This thing is super clean with only one tiny impression on the body where your forearm would rest which I can't get to show up in a photo it's so minimal. There are some faint finish scratches around the control knobs as well as above the C string on the body from slapping. They are very faint and are only able to be seen if you hold the bass up in the light at an angle, they aren't noticeable otherwise. I tried to capture them in a photo but can not get them to show up. Other than those minor things the bass is pretty much mint. The truss rod along with the electronics all function as they should. Neck can be set dead flat but I currently have it setup with a tiny bit of relief. Comes with the super heavy duty flight case, tool kit and build sheet. (The flight case looks like it took a little hit in shipping to me, the corner has a small dent with a broken rivet)

    Bass is freshly set up, waxed, frets polished and has brand new Dunlop Super Bright Nickle string on it.

    Ask any questions you would like, and thanks for looking

    $2800 - I'll split the shipping to the CONUS. Will ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada for added cost. I get a little discount through my employers FedEx account so that will help as well.
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  2. Nakoatron

    Nakoatron Supporting Member

    Aug 17, 2017
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Oh my goddddd

    Don’t tempt me.
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