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SOLD 2013 black 4-string Fender American Standard Jazz Bass - $825 PayPal including shipped CONUS

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Deaj, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Deaj

    Deaj Supporting Member

    Aug 15, 2004
    Kingston, WA
    I'm selling a 2013 black 4-string Fender American Standard Jazz Bass that I recently acquired (went on a Jazz Bass bender and ended up with some overlap). I've decided to keep a 4-string Am. Std. 4-string with Nordy Alnico III NV4 pickups and Labella flatwounds -and- a Bacchus WL533 5-string. The other two are going up for sale.

    I'm offering this bass to Talkbass members at a $50 break off of my asking price on the Reverb.com listing.

    Here's a link to the Reverb.com listing at the following link:

    2013 black 4-string Fender American Standard Jazz bass | Reverb

    Selling a used 2013 4-string Fender American Standard Jazz Bass in excellent condition. Color is black with a black pearloid pick guard.

    Set to medium-low action it plays well with fret noise only with a heavy attack. As always a good setup for one player may well not meet anothers requirements so a setup may be required depending on your preferences.

    This bass does have a bit of normal play wear:
    Very minimal and hard to see surface swirling in the front of the bass. Must be viewed at an angle under light to see this. I was unable to get this to show in a camera photo.
    * Some swirl and scratches on the back likely from shirt and jeans buttons. Some of this wear is visible in one of the pictures above.
    * There is a small ding in the lower edge of the 'tummy cut' on the back of the bass (pictured above).
    * There is a smaller ding beside the 'tummy cut' on the back of the bass (pictured above).
    * There is a small ding on the lower-back edge of the headstock (pictured above).
    * The case shows some minor signs of use but is in excellent condition overall.

    A couple of details worth noting:
    * The original owner had the stock pickups swapped for a different Fender pickup set (I don't know which set in particular but I'd guess a vintage reissue set as their impedance is on the low side. In 2012 Fender began equipping the American Standard Jazz bass with their Custom Shop 60's Jazz pickup set. I swapped the installed pickup for the Custom Shop 60's set so as to return the pickups to factory stock for a 2013 model. While installing the pickups I upgraded the tone capacitor from the stock ceramic disc type to an orange drop capacitor. It's a small but noticeable improvement to the tone controls effect on the sound of the bass. The pickups that I swapped out will be included in this sale.
    * This is immediately apparent in the provided pictures but I want to make note of it for anyone who might not be aware. The original owner swapped the stock white pickguard out for a Fender Black Pearloid pickguard. The original pickguard was not included when I bought this bass so the bass is being sold with the black pearloid pickguard installed.
    * All hand tags, the Fender sticker, Fender polishing cloth, intonation allen key, and the truss rod adjustment tool are included. The allen key for adjusting saddle height was not provided when I bought this bass and so it's currently not included in this sale. I will look for a spare allen key that fits properly and include if found.




    Thanks for looking! :)
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2016
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