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SOLD 2013 Fender Classic ‘60s Jazz Bass in Olympic White

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by russellh86, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. russellh86

    russellh86 Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2014
    I legitimately hate listing this, but I have reason to believe that my basses are mating in the basement and producing offspring as that is the only logical explanation for the growth of my bass collection. I can’t prove this, but I know it to be true.

    2013 Fender Classic ‘60s Jazz in Olympic White. This color isn’t exactly rare, but I also don’t see a lot of Olympic White ‘60s Jazzes in the wild. Great neck with some cool grain and a lovely rosewood fretboard. Frets are in great shape.

    9.4 pounds on my bathroom scale

    The only issue with the condition is a crack in the finish by the neck plate on the treble side. This is a fairly common issue with these as the necks are pulled and reinstalled to adjust the truss rod. I tried to get a picture of it, but it’s not on tack sharp focus. I can try to get a better picture if needed.

    The pictures show the bass strung with Fender flats, but I’m keeping that set as they are broken in nicely. I will restring with a new set of Fender Flats or D’Addario NYXLs, buyer’s choice. Pictures also show Schaller straplocks, I’ll include those and the OEM straplocks as well.

    As a bonus, the bass will ship in the black G&G case shown instead of the OEM gig bag.

    $600 OBO shipped. West Cost add $25 for shipping. Hawaii and Alaska please PM for a shipping quote. U.S. buyers only, thanks CITES :rage:

    No trades please.

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    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
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  2. HeavyJazz

    HeavyJazz Supporting Member

    Jan 26, 2013
    This is a great series - super comfy necks too. CITES sucks. Another power grab...
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  3. Wish my instruments would start having offspring-even illegitimate or inbred. I have to pay adoption fees for all of mine. Lol. Beautiful example of the breed here.
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  4. russellh86

    russellh86 Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2014

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