TRADED 2013 Gibson Les Paul bass

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    2013 Gibson Les Paul bass. In great shape. I’d call if a 9.8. Beautiful cherryburst finish with amazing looking wood grain. This thing was never used live and only used for recording. Have the case and paperwork. Awesome 50’s neck that feels like a cross between a p bass and a Les Paul. (Case appears to have had some water damage, so it could use the bottom part of the outside being glued back on. Still functions fine. And no the bass did not have any water damage. This thing is in excellent shape). Neck has literally no wear and any slight slight scratches I couldn’t manage to even catch in pics.
    Putting this out as a trade feeler. Note:
    I really want to make some cash on the deal so I don’t need anything that’s worth equal value. I’m a p bass guy so I would entertain the idea of another fender p plus cash. Don’t need a USA. I also like Ibanez atk basses and the newer Les Paul tribute double cut basses. NO Five strings or fretless basses. Those are my main interests, and would like to make a little cash on top. Feel free to text me any questions or pics of what you have for trade. 3305406141

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