SOLD 2013 Gibson Midtown Pelham w/ Novaks, Hipshot

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    Jan 10, 2008
    For sale, to pay for a recent GAS attack: Beautiful Pelham Blue Midtown bass in excellent condition. Stock pickups have been replaced with a Curtis Novak EB-BS neck pickup (essentially a Bisonic/Darkstar in a mudbucker form factor,) and Curtis Novak EB bridge replacement pickup. The sonic difference is incredible, much richer and more articulate than with the stock pickups! Bridge has also been upgraded to a Hipshot Supertone. I also replaced the three-way pickup selector with a blend pot and replaced the speed knobs with witch hats. (Original bridge and knobs will be included with sale.) In my opinion, this is the way Gibson should have built the bass in the first place. The condition is immaculate. I don't recall ever gigging it and the only noticeable wear is a teeny bit of worming on the back that's so light as to be invisible on photos. It's strung with Thomastik Infield flats and comes with mint OHSC. Like the other basses I'll be listing this is priced to sell and will also be offered locally. $1,300 includes shipping to the continental US. No international sales. If you've been wanting to try one of these, you'll not find a better deal. DSC01830.JPG DSC01834.JPG DSC01831.JPG DSC01837.JPG DSC01832.JPG DSC01836.JPG DSC01827.JPG DSC01828.JPG DSC01830.JPG DSC01834.JPG DSC01831.JPG DSC01837.JPG DSC01832.JPG DSC01836.JPG DSC01827.JPG DSC01828.JPG
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    Jan 10, 2008
    Answers to a couple of PM'd questions: The bass is 34" scale and the finish is nitro. Here are links to information on the Novak pickups.

    EB-BS (Bisonic) Pickup

    EB-Bridge Replacement Bridge Pickup

    There are more than $500 in upgrades on this bass without any routes or permanent cosmetic changes.
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    WOW! I need to sell my pedals and jump on this!
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  4. That is without a doubt the ultimate Gibson bass with mods you’ve done and this coming from the owner of a Kalamazoo built 1965 Epiphone Rivoli that I love. Wish I could.
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    Width at the nut and does it balance OK?
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    Jan 10, 2008
    According to Gibson, the width at the nut is 1.6" - and when I measured with a steel ruler, it was right between 1 9/16" and 1 5/8" so that's pretty accurate. It has some neck dive when you just let it hang on your body, but when I'm in playing position on a strap, I don't think I ever have to readjust. I play fingerstyle most of the time and rest my right forearm on the bass, so dive is not noticeable for me, but it's a pretty subjective thing. The bass is a nice weight - about 8.2 lbs on my digital bathroom scale - so it's pretty comfortable to hold and play. If you're want more opinions, check the threads at Gibson Midtown Club here on TB. Here's a link to one that asks some of the same questions. Gibson Midtown Club.. It's a nice bass and this one sounds pretty great with the Novaks.
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    Jan 10, 2008
    sale pending